Covid Jabs Detox Downloads

Here is a list of suggestions that could help against adverse reactions after a covid injection. The World Resistance Forum takes no responsibility for the reliability or effectiveness of any of the recommended remedies. If in doubt, please speak to a doctor you trust.

Read the instructions in the packaging of the medicine.

WRF What To Do If Already Vaccinated
PDF – 253.3 KB 600 downloads
WRF End The Covid Hoax
PDF – 236.0 KB 204 downloads
WRF Covid Vaccines And Neurodegenerative Disease
PDF – 296.2 KB 237 downloads
What To Do Next Managing Your Injury
PDF – 276.1 KB 226 downloads

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Tony Slater
7 months ago

Thank you for the detailed useful info, already lost good friends poisoned by the shots...all the best, Tony