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Sir Keir Starmer is responsible for speeding up the movement of children 

The information that Andrew Bridgen did not share with you ! 



I can hardly fathom the words It seems like a dreadful dream that I will soon awaken from. Andrew Bridgen was informed of this in August 2023 an addressed it in a recent 1interview.

Andrew has been actively working towards removing the UK from the global pandemic treaty and has expressed his views on various platforms regarding this matter and the government's failures.

Andrew was given detailed information in August 2023, yet despite being equipped with this knowledge, he did not reveal it to Parliament. Despite claiming to be a target and receiving death threats, he chose not to make it public. He had a significant opportunity to utilize his media influence to make this information public and help put an end to this global crisis.

As my website is based on facts and supported by documentation, I cannot speculate on the reasons behind his actactions.Howver, it does doubts about his moral integrity and bravery, or perhaps it was all just a show.

Please encourage everyone to disseminate this information by downloading and sharing it. Reach out to your local radio station, newspaper, your MP, and any other individuals who can help spread the word. It is crucial that this information goes viral in order to make an impact. Shedding light on the reality of child trafficking is essential. Despite attempts by mainstream media and others to suppress this information, do not be deterred by being labeled a conspiracy theorist. The evidence, videos, recordings, and names are securely stored with individuals who are committed to releasing this information, regardless of any obstacles.

We must stop the impending war with Russia( or being esclated) as Starmer is like a dog in heat trying to get his testosterone levels under control. 

He is willing to send your children to their deaths by offering them as a sacrafice for money and a position. He has already said Davos is more important than Westminster. Blair looks like the devil incarnate pulling the strings and managing the show behind the scenes.Child trafficking is funding the world's atrocities and it's crucial for people to become aware of this business.

Adrenechrome is real and you look no further than former FBI director Ted Gunnersonand his reports. If you then review the documents with the video on my site you will see that torture improves the taste.  

If Tommy Robinson , Katie Hopkins , David Icke, Joe Rogan , Alex Jones etal  do not pick this up and support me then that will speak volumes. There has been a lot of speculation as to their real intentions in the current environment and this will be telling. 

Within this file, you will find Ukrainian secret services personnel , diplomats, Ukrainian business people, former British military personnel, and current MI6 agents responsible for transporting children to the United Kingdom. I have included contact numbers, email addresses, and social media IDs to ensure everyone is fully informed of the thoroughness of this data. This is just the start, so its significance should not be underestimated. 

The children are supplied with Moldovan passports and travel to the UK. They are escorted through 4  small airports by an MI6 agent and then transferred to members of Special Branch. The children are then distributed across the UK, utilizing a network of tunnels and secure vehicles.

Additional documents will be uploaded in the upcoming days and I will name the charities, locations, and individuals involved in the transactions.Perhaps Boris should not have kept such a high profile as his father is a buyer.

I have no choice but to make this information public, with more details to follow soon.

Ukrainan Children sold for sexual abuse/Murder/Organ harvesting.

UKRAINE UK USA Child Abuse Murder Organ Harvesting Pdf
PDF – 1.1 MB 361 downloads

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