A stream of NHS Whistle-blowers have come forward to JAOC with information on how the service has been instrumental in illegal euthanasia.

In the past, it was common practice to resuscitate terminally ill patients in severe pain, often repeatedly. However, with the introduction of the 'Do Not Resuscitate' (DNR) protocol, the approach has shifted. Nowadays, patients are frequently asked to sign DNR forms or have them signed on their behalf, leading to concerns about passive euthanasia. Doctors are now contacting elderly patients and those with chronic health conditions, asking if they are willing to have a DNR on file or if they prefer not to be admitted to the hospital if they fall ill. 

One whistle-blower from a GP surgery in the Kent area said they were instructed to write to elderly patients with 2 questions :

"Are you happy for us to put a DNR on your file?" and "Are you happy for us to put on your file a note that you won’t be admitted to hospital if you become unwell?"

This was backed up by a practice nurse from  South Wales and another based in the Midlands who had been asked to engage in these conversations.

Other GPs sent out similar letters to establishments caring for the elderly and the disabled. Blanket decisions were made for care homes and residential homes caring for patients with learning difficulties according to Jonathan a retired GP who's son is also working as a GP in Strathclyde.

A 48 year old woman with Down’s Syndrome was given a DNR because of her disability, and instructions were left that there was to be no attempt to resuscitate her ifs he had a cardiac arrest or a respiratory arrest. No consent form was signed and there was no agreement with the patient or his relatives. The Medical Director for the relevant part of Britain’s National Health Service said that their policy complied fully with national guidelines from professional bodies.

The CEO of a large charity said that they believe that DNR orders were frequently being placed on patients with learning disabilities – without the knowledge and agreement of their families.


A man in his 50s, with sight loss, was issued with a DNR notice giving ‘blindness and severe learning disabilities’ as the reason.


A man with epilepsy was issued with a DNR notice, and at the end of March this year a GPs’ surgery in Wales urged high risk patients to complete a DNR form if they contracted the coronavirus. The letter said, ‘you are unlikely to receive hospital admission’.


A woman in Bristol received a phone call from her GP asking if it were OK for her medical records to be updated to say that if she contracted the coronavirus she wouldn’t go to hospital or receive any medical treatment.

In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, known as NICE, is the official advisory body to the healthcare world. 

NICE classified people in nine categories. If you are in category 1 then you are very fit. If you are in category 9 then you are terminally ill.

On the 29th of April 2020 an amended advice to NHS staff about its resuscitation guidelines, saying that doctors should ‘sensitively discuss a possible DNAR with all adults with CFs of 5 or more’. This was issued in response to the coronavirus hoax. Doctors and nurses were instructed that they should review critical care treatment when a patient ‘is no longer considered able to achieve desired overall goals’:

What is a CF and what does CF5 mean?

The letters CF mean clinical frailty and there are several stages.

CF of 5 means that a patient is mildly frail and may need help with heavy housework, shopping and preparing meals.

A CF of 6 means moderately frail – people who need help with bathing.

A CF of 7 means severely frail – people who are completely dependent for personal care.

 If a patient is clearly dying then it would be cruel and pointless to continually attempt resuscitation. That was why DNR notices were devised. They were originally for patients who had only minutes or possibly hours to live, and it was considered not fair to those patients.

But that’s not what is happening now.

Today, in the UK, in the National Health Service a patient is officially considered unsuitable to be saved or treated if they need help with heavy housework or if they have difficulty preparing meals.

The post-coronavirus  NHS doesn’t want to save anyone who is disabled, and all patients in care homes.

Originally NICE told doctors that they should assess patients with autism as scoring high for frailty. It is unclear whether this advice was removed.

Within the GMC rules I found the following statement 'Physicians have been empowered to grant a mercy death to patients considered incurable – the mentally ill and the handicapped.'

If you slap a DNR form on a patient, with or without their permission, you are condemning them to death.
During covid whilst people were clapping nurses and doctors  those same nurses and doctors were deliberately delivering death notices, DNR forms, to the frail and the elderly.

In my view, every single doctor or nurse or administrator who has put a DNR notice on a patient under these regulations should be fired, arrested and imprisoned.

I urge you to contact your GP if you or a relative could be C5 or above to ensure you do not have a DNR registered without your approval. 

If you have had a relative that may have been in category C5 or above (disabled or learning difficulties) and was not resuscitated it could amount to murder. Local trusts appear to have gone against NHS England's policy and continue to do so without accountability.

As you would expect this scandal has not been researched by any main stream media in-depth just like the TV Doctor scandal until we highlighted it on this website and it is left to independent media to provide information.