Journalists and the main stream media are responsible for the deaths of innocent people who are being brainwashed into believing headlines and they should not escape prosecution on the day of judgement by the people. Do not forget what they have done to you , your families and friends.

Here we see a covid style dashboard trying to scare the public into believing the hype.

Jo Sillence CEO of "chicken growers council" 

No pathway via Antarctica for migrating birds from any source globally 

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I successfully acquired the confidential government report addressing inquiries regarding the mass culling of chickens in Victoria, Australia. The individuals responsible for the decision lacked concrete evidence supporting the existence of a high-risk infectious outbreak in the chicken farms that were targeted for extermination. These farms were situated far away from any potential bird sources, making it highly unlikely or even impossible for such an outbreak to occur. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's equivalent of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, seems to be the most plausible origin of the outbreak. This situation appears to be a contrived crisis so. I consulted with an Australian expert Dr. Philip Altman and several leading professors turned whistleblowers from Sydney and Melbourne.

The initial case as per  Dr Philip Altman and his team pertains to bird flu, which is often referred to as bird flu due to its impact on birds NOW THAT’S A SURPRISE!. It is worth noting that this flu strain poses no risk to humans, except in rare instances where it may have been deliberately manipulated.  Dr. Altman said that it had been reported an outbreak of H7N3 bird flu at three farms, with another farm located 100 kilometers away affected by a different H7N9 strain. The Australian animal monitoring agency (WAHIS) confirmed that these were the only outbreaks in the country in 2024. Interestingly, outbreaks in Australia, particularly in the state of Victoria, spread rapidly, with Geelong being a notable location due to its association with Australia's equivalent of the Wuhan Institute, known as CSIRO. While this connection may seem coincidental, it is essential to consider various factors that can contribute to the emergence of novel viruses beyond deliberate human intervention.

The distance that the birds have to fly is quite extensive, which could explain why there is no naturally occurring H5N1 (Asian bird flu) in Australia. If there were, we would have seen cases in Queensland or the Northern Territories first due to the flight paths a bird would have to take.

Interestingly, most Asian birds do not migrate to Australia, which is one of the reasons why Australian birds are unique compared to the rest of the world. They have fascinating species like the Kookaburra, Black Swan, Cassowary, and Ibis, commonly known as the bin chook. So, if Australia were to experience an H5N1 outbreak, it would most likely come through the back door of Antarctica.

ABC Australia's national broadcasting is already one step ahead, providing a video  prebunking video showcasing staged images of dead bird carnage. However, they cleverly avoid showing Penguins lined up in the snow, as it may not evoke the desired level of fear. Jo Sillince, CEO of the Australia Chicken Growers Council, remains unfazed by the situation, appearing in both the ABC news article ABC’s news article  discussing the potential severity and the video emphasizing the main risk from Antarctica. main risk is from Antarctica.

It is worth mentioning the prominent migration routes of birds, excluding any route from Antarctica to Australia. Even if an occasional albatross happened to stumble upon a coffee shop in Melbourne, it would not be able to transmit any Asian bird flu from the icy expanse of Antarctica. Additionally, penguins, as you may already know, are flightless birds that primarily navigate through water, BIRDS THAT FLY do so specifically water vapor or air.

The scientist that are leading this is Pandemic preparedness are DR Michelle Willie and Edward Holmes from the Ecohealth organisation .

In an article published by “ The Conversation “ magazine two years ago, both individuals shared a similar story, highlighting the notion that some people believe a virus originated from a laboratory. The process involves creating a virus, whether it be an existing or novel one, or even a manufactured virus, with the intention of instilling fear and panic. Furthermore, a deliberate effort is made to promote conspiracy theories and mock those who question the origin of the virus. This cycle is repeated, resulting in the diversion of significant amounts of public funding in order to prevent future pandemics.

Dr. Michelle Willie, featured in the ABC video alongside Eddie Holmes as she receives her award, ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to health policies. One Health now has its own department within NSW Health, the primary health organization in Australia and is responsible for driving policy. This information was discovered in specific documents, such as the program.

Kira Glasgow leads One Health NSW, as seen on the panel alongside Frank Wong from CSIRO, who demonstrates the severity of H5N1 to the audience. The concept of spillover, where viruses jump from one species to another, highlights the transformation of a low-risk pathogen into a high-risk one, a scenario that often involves research institutions like CSIRO. This process, commonly depicted in movies and laboratories, involves the repeated passage of viruses through specific cell types. For instance, the UK variant of COVID-19, with the N501Y mutation, was developed in this manner in 2020.

Two key points to consider are: first, the highly dangerous H5N1 strain, while present, cannot reach Australia without human intervention; and second, the less threatening H7N3 strain, which led to the culling of half a million chickens, is endemic.

The discussion now shifts to the challenges posed by H5N1, a virus that naturally resists many interventions. Given its inherent dangers, conducting live experiments with H5N1, as done by CSIRO, raises significant concerns, as highlighted in a recent government report.


 Were experiments being conducted using live H5N1 , H7N9 or H7N3 influenza or clones of these three strains of influenza at the CSIRO during 2021 to 2024

"During these timeframes CSIRO employees have been conducting live virus experiments in high biocontainment settings and following strict regulatory measures to study various H5N1 subtypes and enhance our knowledge of the virus. No experiments involving live H7N3 or H7N9 viruses have been conducted."

This explanation simplifies the concept of propaganda and its impact. It highlights the misinformation surrounding H5N1, which is not present in Australia and does not pose a threat to humans without manipulation. Vaccines are already in development to address this issue. The decision to cull half a million birds was primarily based on an outbreak of H7N3 near Geelong, which is a strain of bird flu. Research conducted by Michelle Willie, Eddie Holmes, and Frank Wong suggests that H7N3 is endemic in Australia.

The paper titled "Australia is a global sink for the genetic diversity of avian influenza a virus" provides further insights. The supplementary section includes a chart illustrating the probability of sequencing a specific genome from a sample test. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is more likely to yield a sequence with a lower cycle threshold (CT value). The CDC guidelines recommend a CT value below 28 for a positive COVID test. Samples with CT values below 25 cycles are more likely to contain infectious particles. The government's approach to detecting the Antarctic chicken flu on bird farms remains unclear.

Information regarding following six questions was requested from( CSIRO) the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and agriculture Victoria.

  1. How many individual animals have been tested at each of the three sites i.e Tehran Meredith and Lethbridge ?
  2. How many chickens eat site were found tested positive ?
  3. How many individual cases of each each H7N9 and H7N3 were found at each site ?
  4. How many deaths (due to infection not cull) had been recorded at each site ?
  5. If PCR was a primary testing modality, is it yet known at what CT value with a test performed at or claimed to be positive at ?


Questions 1 to 4 confirming that the questions were to be best directed to agriculture Victoria as CSIRO does not have the information.

 Answer to question 5 :

Connect values for real time PCR have been interpreted in context of the test system for which they have been validated. CSIRO Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness which are validated as part of our ISO 17 O25 accredited quality system. It is considered positive for a Ct value of 40 and below and negative above 45 and the intermediate in between these values. Other labatories may use other scales.

The CSIRO and DAFF are unaware of the location of the testing, the individuals responsible for conducting it, the number of chickens that tested positive.

The situation resembles the COVID pandemic, where the testing procedures influenced protocol changes that may have resulted in more deaths compared to treating infections like bacterial pneumonia as done in the past. Similar to COVID, the anonymous protocols and guidelines derived from the WHO's strategy make it difficult to identify the decision-makers.

So a second request was made

Question : Please provide the department name or contact who can provide information on the decision to cull birds


"Agriculture Victoria is part of the Victorian government’s Department of energy environment and climate action EECA who is responsible for the State of Victoria it is likely to be the best contact for the information contact information provided on the contact us web page."

The conclusion is that nobody knows anything about the half a million chickens that were killed. Health organizations and their affiliates were recruited to promote a different pandemic. These organizations are paid hundreds of millions of dollars from the public purse to continue these scares in order to justify their existence. It is possible, if not likely, that every pandemic this century was caused by these same organizations.