JAOC has conducted an extensive 18-month investigation, cross-referencing global data to produce an unbiased report on the Covid pandemic. This comprehensive report, supported by scientists, doctors, and independent data experts from all continents, reveals information that governments did not want the public to know. Its authenticity is unquestionable and it will be recognized as a crucial source of information that exposes the misinformation spread by certain scientists working with pharmaceutical companies. The report also raises doubts about governments, civil servants, opposition parties, and anyone involved in promoting their own agenda. Mainstream media journalists, including the heads of major news organizations, are implicated in spreading lies and should be held accountable. This includes government-backed fact-checkers, sports and music personalities who were paid to manipulate public opinion. The list of those involved is extensive and even includes the royal family. No one, not even royalty, is above the law, and it is clear that we have been deceived, resulting in millions of deaths with no one taking responsibility. It is crucial to resist the WHO pandemic treaty, as the next step will be forced vaccinations. We must prevent this, even if some people are unaware of the true agenda. Please share this information globally to ensure that the message reaches everyone. Despite any attempts to silence me, my work will continue.