To begin unravelling such a complex structure and a world full of division, one must understand that at its core lies power, money, and control. Every country is governed by a small group of individuals known as the 1%, but this group is much larger than commonly believed. In addition to this elite group, there are countless foot soldiers who contribute to their agenda, knowingly or unknowingly, forming a vast network known as Freemasonry. While Freemasons may appear to be involved in charitable work at lower levels, as one progresses up the ranks, such as reaching the 33rd degree, the true nature of their activities becomes clearer. The connection between Freemasonry and satanic rituals is a central aspect of their operations, which ultimately revolves around power, money, and control. Those involved are not only incentivised and manipulated, but also blackmailed to ensure compliance. Furthermore, divisions caused by religion, discrimination, and gender are intentionally designed to maintain control. By understanding that power equals money, money equals power, and control can be broken by cutting off the money supply, one can begin to see a path towards freedom. I will be presenting three comprehensive documents with proper references to shed light on these issues and demonstrate the urgent need for change in our world. The first part of this series will focus on the US, as it is where the root of the problem lies. Mainstream media may not provide the full story, but this website aims to do so, and I encourage you to share this information widely. Subsequent parts will delve into the UK and beyond.

Important viewers discretion advised in Part 2 this is explicit and is taken directly from Hunter Bidens laptop. Over 18 only 

                                      Part One                                                                                                                                                                                                    Part Two

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