Nanotechnology has created self-building cells called Shedding, which can transfer between individuals. Vaccination status does not prevent contact with Shedding. This unexpected technological breakthrough is unregulated. Stay informed and protect yourself and loved ones by referring to the COVID resource center.

Viewer discretion is advised for this content, as it contains disturbing elements without explicit visuals. The content showcases a venue and organization that promotes pizza. Additionally, it involves individuals such as John Podesta and his alter ego Skippy, who are seen shouting at his son Chester Beddington, the former lead singer of Lincoln Park. Chester had a close relationship with Chris Cornell, and unfortunately, both of them passed away shortly after performing a duet. The song can be found on YouTube, and by paying attention to the lyrics, one can understand its significance in relation to the discoveries made. These discoveries are connected to the Clinton initiative and the boys' involvement in a charity for the children of Haiti. Rest in peace to both Chester and Chris, as we, the survivors, will strive to achieve justice in every possible way.

Over 18s only viewer discretion advised