Prince Andrew allegedly accused of sexually assaulting Ukrainian kids

 Controversial British royal family member Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was allegedly accused of another scandal over his last visit to Ukraine in June 2023.

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According to news outlets, the Brother of King Charles III, Prince Andrew, was accused of allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting two kids in Ukraine.

An eyewitness, named James Obasa, claimed on Aug. 28 that the Duke of York was seen "boarding a helicopter in Kyiv on June 6th and taking with him two Ukrainian children."

According to the Nigerian citizen Obasa, the two kids, allegedly seen at Prince Andrew's helicopter, were "terrified and crying."

James Obasa claimed in a series of videos uncovering horrific and shocking allegations that Prince Andrew was part of the British delegation headed from the United Kingdom to Kyiv and was led by Secretary of State James Cleverly to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in early June.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York leaves Westminster Abbey after the Coronation Ceremonies of Britain's King Charles III and Britain's Queen Camilla in central London on May 6, 2023. (Photo by Odd ANDERSEN / AFP)

It is worth mentioning that Queen Elizabeth II had formerly stripped Prince Andrew of his public roles following the shameful scandal with Jeffrey Epstein, an American sex offender and financier.

The Nigerian citizen also allegedly mentioned that he and Prince Andrew met face to face "at the Parkovy Congress and Exhibition Center, a VIP club in the center of Kyiv." Obasa said he used to work in the club as an administrator catering to the club's VIP guests.

In detail, Obasa claimed that one day he was told that a very important VIP guest would be coming to the club and he was "very shocked" to see Prince Andrew of England. 

He allegedly added: "I thought the royal party was over, but just then a guy wearing a uniform entered the room with two little children; a boy and a girl between the ages of 10 and 12."

The man further claimed that he brought them some snacks and cakes after being asked by the British Prince to return seeing the kids half "naked and crying" while Prince Andrew was trying to calm them.

He maintained claiming that "He touched them in inappropriate parts." After a couple of hours, the kids were acting weird as if they had taken drugs, Obasa continued his allegations.

James Obasa then claimed that he was asked to get kids dressed and then he saw Prince Andrew inside the helicopter along with two passengers as well as the two Ukrainian kids.

Prince Andrew papers to stay secret until 2065

The decision relates to Prince Andrew’s ‘numerous’ business trips between 2001 and 2011

Documents relating to the Duke of York’s business trips won’t be released by the Foreign Office until 2065, it has been revealed.

The decision, which relates to Prince Andrew’s “numerous” business trips between 2001 and 2011, means the files won’t be available for scrutiny during his lifetime.

The date was released as part of a response to a Freedom of Information request by royal biographer Andrew Lownie, who described the decision as “absurd”.

Prince Andrew, 63, was the UK’s special representative for trade and industry for ten years from 2001.

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We will be publishing the files the Royals and the British government do not want the public to see.